Tina (nick_fan) wrote,


What shall I do?

Go to Snow Patrol gig
Go to Mando Diao (w/Razorlight) gig
Go to Silbermond gig
Go to Placebo gig
Buy the Bullet For My Valentine Live-DVD
Pub-crawling with my girls on Halloween

The Mando Diao/Razorlight gig demands on Pete Doherty. If he shows up on the Babyshambles gig, I'll get a MD/R ticket, because it's already sold out and a friend of mine will sell her ticket to me if she can see Pete instead.

I deleted Windows Vista again... I loved it so much we were almost married, but my comp was too slow. I've got 2000+ Mhz, 512 RAM and a GeFroce4 Ti4200 though. Now I've got shitty XP again *gripes* I had no internet this week then and when I looked at my fpage a few hours ago I saw that it's so spammed with entries of a certain community. I need to read like 64654 6 pages now *fake enthusiasm*...

Pull Shapes. I can't get this song out of my head, I'm so addicted to The Pipettes now. After this huuuuge trauma I had because of Sarah Kuttner I stopped avoiding them now ^^ Woah, speaking of the trauma, I found out that I've got a video of it wtf. I couldn't watch it by myself yet, but before I do some crazy things with it like sharing I srsly need to see it. I even kinda want to -.-

Does anybody need some mice? I've got a little problem ^^ My wo female mice got 18 babies together two weeks ago. Now I've got eight left and the guy who takes them to feed hisbearded dragons already took only three, because they're already asleep. I think one of the babies is handicapped, it's a lot more little and has almost no fur. The babies are so cute though! ♥ ♥ ♥

What is going to happen tomorow? Right! Release date of 3rd season of The L Word *spazz* I've already got the episodes, and the American DVD code doesn't work here, so I won't buy it, unfortunately. But prepare for a big picspam :P

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